Off Grid

Off Grid


Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Electric Storage Heaters, Loft Insulation, Cavity, Internal and External Wall Insulation

ECO4 is the 4th phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Funded by the UK government, it helps to make homes more energy-efficient, tackling fuel poverty and making energy more affordable for users.

Current estimates show that during its four-year period, ECO4 should upgrade in the region of 450,000 homes, preventing them from being affected by fuel poverty in the future.

Eco Grants Team are an independent energy saving organisation who only work with fully accredited insulation companies that are able to submit your details to your local council in order to approve your funding, subject to survey and qualification.

5 reasons to insulate and install renewables in your home

  • Reduced heat loss, 25% through the loft, 33% through external wall
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home
  • Save money by cutting your energy use
  • Improve your properties EPC rating = Increase the value of your property
  • Protect the environment