About Us

About Eco Grants team

Independent Energy Saving Organisation

Eco Grants Team are an independent energy saving organisation who work with fully accredited energy and insulation suppliers to deliver free heating and energy solutions.

Set up in January 2018 by ADP Marketing and Promotions, Eco Grants Team specialises in environmental and heating grants to support low income and vulnerable households. By building ongoing relationships with local authorities and accredited companies, Eco Grants Team have forged connections that provide quality energy saving installations that benefit you.

Eco Grants Team provide survey, application and eligibility services across a range of available grants. We check your eligibility and property qualification, handle your council application for you, and monitor your approval. From pioneering thermabead insulation, or first-time central heating, to revolutionary solar energy technologies, Eco Grants Team are at the forefront of modern yet accessible energy saving solutions.


Our mission

Ultimate Energy Solutions

We want to Eco Grants Team find and fund the ultimate energy solutions, without the hassle. Our aim is to help you save time, money and energy by assisting you at every step of the process, from application and survey to approval and installation. Through assisting low income households and increasing energy efficiency, we hope to alleviate fuel poverty.